Sphinx Configuration

The following setting can be defined in conf.py:


The default list of sections to include in class TOCs, in the order they should appear in the documentation. The values in the list can be either strings or Section classes. Strings are the same values that can be provided to the section options of the autoclasstoc directive, and must refer to the name of a section class. The following section names are available by default:


Methods that don’t begin with an underscore (or that are special methods, e.g. __init__()).


Methods that do begin with an underscore (and are not special).


Non-methods and non-classes that don’t begin with an underscore.


Non-methods and non-classes that begin with an underscore.


Classes defined within the class in question.

The names of any custom sections that have been defined can be used as well. The default value for this setting is:

autoclasstoc_sections = [